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About the conference

Dear colleagues!

The conference is organized by the regional state institution “Agency for Innovation and Development of Economic and Social Projects” with the assistance of:

  • Voronezh State Medical University named after N.N. Burdenko
  • Voronezh State University
  • Voronezh Forestry University named after G.F. Morozov
  • Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies
  • Research Institute of Postgenomic Technologies

The development and implementation of postgenomic technologies is carried out within the global trend - the transition of science from basic and exploratory research to the practical use of omix technologies.

In 2019, the theme of the scientific conference, as well as a year earlier, will be expanded - participants and speakers will discuss post-genomic technologies both in medicine and in forestry.


  • identification of promising areas of research in the field of postgenomic technologies;
  • organization of an effective exchange of best practices between scientists and specialists, geneticists and biologists, graduate students and students of specialized universities;
  • popularization of research in the field of postgenomic technologies;
  • analysis of the achievements of genomic / postgenomic technologies in medicine and forestry;
  • formation of a fundamental basis for future work;


  1. Theoretical foundations and practical experience of using postgenomic technologies in oncology.
  2. Theory and practice of immunohistochemistry in biomedicine.
  3. Molecular mechanisms of aging and postgenomic concepts in gerontology.
  4. Legal and ethical aspects of the use of postgenomic technologies in medicine.
  5. Postgenomic technologies in forestry.

The conference’s speakers are traditionally the leading Russian and foreign experts in the field of biomedicine, molecular oncology and post-genomic technologies in forestry.


  • students and members of specialized universities;
  • practitioners;
  • representatives of domestic and foreign scientific teams.

We invite you to publish materials (theses) in the collection of scientific materials of the conference, which will be posted in the Scientific Electronic Library on the platform eLIBRARY.RU.
THESES are formed in accordance with the following rules:

  • Universal decimal classification (must be indicated for further citation at the Russian Science Citation Index);
  • abstract title (in Russian and English);
  • initials and surnames of the authors (in Russian and English);
  • names of institutions (in Russian and English);
  • keywords (in Russian and English);
  • abstract text (no more than 3000 characters, including spaces). Abstract structure: relevance, purpose of research, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusion.
  • a list of literature issued in accordance with GOST (State Standard) (no more than 10 sources).

ARTICLES will be published in a separate order. For more information, please contact the conference e-mail address - postgenom@innoros.ru.
Reception of materials on the topics of the conference will end: September 27, 2019.
Conference working languages: Russian; English;

Contacts: conference site and registration form: http://postgenom.innoros.ru/
394018, Voronezh, ul. Kutsygina, 17, office 304, Agency for Innovation and Development of Economic and Social Projects;
tel.: +7 (920) 434-08-11
e-mail: postgenom@innoros.ru